Really need some advice...

:joy: Hello guys. I’m still new to audiojungle. Recently I started uploading some of my tracks, but they all got rejected.(5 rejections in a row, unbelievable) Maybe I wasn’t reading all the rules very thoroughly(English is not my native language), or maybe I’m not very good at making and producing music…So I post a rejected track here, it would be nice if someone could give me some advice, thx. :slight_smile:

Hi! To my mind not bad idea of track, but there are some problems:

  1. Sound are very noise. To much compression, feel like track clipping. Try to make softer sound.
  2. Maybe it better to create more melodic arrangement, not so “noisy” :slight_smile:
    Good luck!
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I made the track sound too harsh. Gotta improve that.

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I listened to your track but seems to be noisy at some parts,would like to hear if u can get out that noise,intro was good though.

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:slight_smile: Thanks, I decided to check the project again, and also my monitoring hardwares.

Hi man,
I think you should " lighten" the mix by using panning, eq and compression. To separate the strings of the rest for example.
The track is not bad but it is the sound: Mixing and mastering is not clear enough. Do not give up, we all still gradually improving. Good luck.

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:slight_smile: Thanks for the advice.
I’ll try to do better.