Your music has been rejected

It was my very first attempt to put a piece of music to audiojungle, but it has been rejected because of general commercial quality standard required to be accepted, I don’t know what I did wrong and I would be so thankful if you could help me find out!
Here is the link below,

Hi! Give another link, your link does not allow me.

i just shared shared it w you, you can try again, thx

Yes, I downloaded.

  1. Your track is very quiet.
  2. There is also monotony, for me personally it is boring to listen to it.
  3. 1:12 A sharp clipping of legato strings is very noticeable and cuts off hearing.
  4. Your beat (kick) is out of place (sounds like a metronome).

Listen to the tracks in the same genre, but I think that here you not tried hard, your track sounds like a “raw template”.

I did not point out all the flaws, but they also exist and they are also noticeable! In my opinion it sounds bad. I’m sorry! This rejected deserved!
Good luck!

well, although that was a bit rude and harsh, thank you anyway for your opinion…

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I didn’t want to write you anything harsh, I just popped my opinion, most likely other members will listen to your track and tell you a more detailed picture, sorry (if it was rude and harsh how you think). Once again, I apologize for my opinion!
I am writing to help you or to advise something (I don’t want to hurt you), and not to speak out sharply. Do not be offended by me! Sorry, I didn’t know you were reacting that way! I just wrote to you the flaws I heard in your track, and no more than that.
Good luck! :pray::writing_hand:

Well, I’ll delete my message ( little bit later) if you didn’t like it (although I wrote to you specifically for your track, in my opinion there are some shortcomings, sorry if it seemed rude and harsh to you).
Good luck!

no, of course you can keep the comment, all constructive criticism is welcome. I’ll work on it,

Hi ! I listened to your track, for me the idea of ​​composition, from a harmonic and melodic point of view is not bad in itself. I think the choice of your kick is not really suitable, I will have a chance to propose something slower, adapted to the general atmosphere of your music. I think the choice of your violin sounds are a little too “MIDI” you would find another VST of this kind, or try to see what you can do with the one you have there. The transitions you are proposing are not yet very fluid but it also comes with time. So I advise you to keep those piano ideas that you have, and maybe look for a style of music a little more “simple” to produce, try to listen to what is also among the top sellers or other, and try to inspire you. Do not worry about rejection, we are all concerned about rejections and it even happens to the best, so good luck and continue your work! Things will come little by little over time

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thank you so much for your help, I will keep that in mind the next time!
all the best,

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