Hard rejected this one. Any idea why?!



Just today after 11 days on waiting AudioJungle decided to reject this track :

I had some other rejects too and i could understand maybe what went wrong but i dont see anything wrong with this one. Any ideas why AudioJungle rejected it?

I just done see how “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

Thanks in advance for all your help! :slight_smile:



Quality is good, but I think that the idea of the track and the garmony doesn’t have a commercial value I think…


I think there is some kind of “turbidity” at low frequencies, most likely a problem in the sound of a kick. The bass does not feel at all, only the rumble at the bottom of the kick. Because of this, in general, the mix does not sound “readable” enough. At 0:35 and 0:52 there is a sound of kicks, which is much louder than the others. The parties of the leading instruments do not fit very well with each other. The vocal loop somewhere at 1:30 just adds a chaos to the mix.


Thank you @PrestoSound and @Lemonello . Having a 3rd party point of view is most helpful. I have listened to this track a 1000 times and i cant be objective. I will work on the things you pointed out on my next production :slight_smile:


The music sounds soft, and the drums sound harshly. It is combined badly. Advice: It is necessary to understand styles of music better.


Thanks for the advice and the comment :slight_smile: I agree and I will look into producing electronic music more. The next one will be approved !


I think the track has a very specific (non-commercial) structure. It is more suitable for private listening.


Hm… i didnt think of that. Care to elaborate more on whats wrong with the structure of the track that makes it non-commercial?


This you must discover for yourself, by listening to approved music for “Aj”.


Fair enough, will do that :slight_smile: Thank you for your input.