Item has been rejected. Need feedback.

Hi, guys! My item has been rejected. Need your feedback. Thanks!

Im in the street, but probably drums too loud and there is a problem with the kick.

Thanks a lot for answer. It’s not even a kick. This is one of the Giant presets) I just want to understand if the problem is in the composition of the track or in the mixing.

@Big-Dean .

As @Manriquedelara said. The piano percussion is way too proeminent. But there are some other reasons for rejection.
You have a good strings theme after the second part, which could be exploited better.
There is an issue with the chord progression. I do not have a problem with the tracks with just two chord progressions.In fact i’ve listened to great songs with a single chord. But some tracks need resolve. Add some resolution to your chord progression.The strings library you have used is not quite great. It lacks expression and depth. Could be the mix, could be the lack of automation.The track is a bit static towards the end. As i said, your main theme should appear more often across the track, with several instruments, and to evolve to a full orchestra . Your track has potential but it needs some work.


It sounds like still being in a “demo” stage. It’s a collection of some ideas but not yet precise. I would pick one strong theme and work around that. Don’t change too much in terms of instrumentation.
The percussion for example came out of nowhere to me.

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The percussion in this track is superfluous!

IMHO, I would say arrangement is the problem as the track does not tell it’s story.

I am not a reviewer.

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