Rejected item

Hi , just got reject . Your opinion what is wrong would be very helpful

Hello! There are a lot of things wrong. I will not talk about the composition, although it also needs to be finalized.

  1. Wrong balance between tools. Especially on drums.
  2. Incorrect equalization of most instruments.
  3. Incorrect placement of tools in space. Iā€™m not about the panorama but about the depth.
  4. Not very successful selection of sounds.
    However, some instuments sound great. It seems that you do not have good monitoring. The track is heard as unfinished. Like a demo version. Maybe someone will specify the shortcomings in more detail, but the overall picture looks exactly as I described above. I hope my comments do not disappoint you. I wish you success!
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Hello . Thanks , very useful comment . Yeah I produced and mixed it in headphones , unfortunately have no monitors on hands and expected such issues .

If possible, try to listen to the track in different headphones in the car on the phone in the music center and generally anywhere. Although this is not very convenient, it will definitely show you what you need to edit. Once again, I wish you success!

Thank You .

To my ears it sounds like fake orchestra, you need to be very careful what sounds you choose and their playing and all. When using real instruments try to be real. Its very mechanical and not realistic. If you used synths all over would be nicer.

Some tracks like fast spiccato strings and drums are very bright compared to the others. The pulsing bass synth is too loud.

You need to be more realistic and make a well balanced mix. Good luck!

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Ok , thank You .