Please, I need feedback on rejected Item

Hello guys, need some feedback on recently rejected track. They did not really say anything about arrangement, mixing or mastering or samples etc. But suggest, I ask fellow authors for feedback.
Here was the comment from the review team

"This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately’’

Here is the track

Thank you very much for your time.

Hi there!

Actually, I liked the track, except three things:
Background piano chords sound too far, I’d try to decrease reverb amount, but obviously it’s not very critical issue. Second thing is the percussion, from 1:07 and to the end, percussion hits sound too bright and lack dynamic. From 1:27 those hits sound quite annoying already, I’d try to change the whole percussion part using more different samples and leaving some room for the main instruments. And the last thing is the ending, it looks like the ending needs a little bit more work on it, but again this isn’t very critical.

So I think the main reason is the percussion.
I hope more experienced guys making orchestral music help you more, good luck!

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Thanks a lot for the feedback:) your review is extremely useful now that I listen through the track again.

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The mix is too immersed in reverb. Try shorter decay time and less wet signal especially for a fast track with very quick successions of notes otherwise it’s fuzzy and sounds flat especially after the mastering limiting because you don’t just compress short peaks, in that case, but all the dense beginning of your reverb until it goes under the treshold in the loudest parts of the track. It makes the limiter work too hard and you get flat and more or less damaged distorted sound.

I would add a bit more definition (treble) to your staccato strings to make them more open, energic and pierce more through the mix. Your toms need to sound more dynamics (volume and timbre) with more muffled tone for softer hits. At 1:38, I would add some new percussions (maybe a darker tom). It needs to be bigger there compared to the part before and evolve more with the percussive part of the track.

I’m not sure if putting that same transition effect two times in the same track make sense (1:01-1:05) and (1:35-1:37). It sounds maybe a bit lazy or uninspired? It’s really just my opinion for that last argument.

Don’t let blank silence at the beginning of the track.

You’re not far at all of what it needs to me.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:


I like it but there small gaps that you may can improve may be …it happen as you recording it… yes just like other guys said transitions effect s need to be fixed…

Wow, thanks a lot for the feedback @AnthonySigouin, really appreciate the detailed feedback.

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