Need help with a rejected track. Any feedback is appreciated!

Hi guys! Here we go again.

This track was rejected and I need some feedback to improve my compostion/mix/mastering skills. What is wrong with this track? How can I improve it?

I used some best selling tracks as reference, but it seems that I did something wrong. Can you guys help? Any feedback is appreciated.

Anyone? :frowning:

I would really love to help, but in my opinion everything sounds good (i heard it on headphones)

IMHO (which is not worth much since all my tracks were rejected)
The piano chords sound too hard, I would turn down the velocity (right hand is fine). Also the violins) sound too hard when they attack, they need to be much more modulated, also the transitions (note changing) are not very gentle. You might want to add some low freq (either basses or piano).
Good luck! Federico

Also you might want to underscore the sforzato on the brass (or anyway make them a little more dynamic)

Thanks for the feedbacks guys!

@Dhalsim1981 all my tracks were rejected too. Trying to improve hoping that some track will be accepted. I will work with the feedback you give me for the next tracks. Thanks!

@DeMenegazzo glad you liked. For me was sounding good too. But AJ reviewers had a motive to give a hard rejection on this track, unfortunately. Just wish to know why.

Thanks again!

The piano is over-compressed and the strings sound unnatural.

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Really? I didn’t use any compressor on the piano. So why this happened? Maybe the piano that I used?

Sometimes the midi effect is already compressed or maybe you compressed too much while mastering?

It sounds harsh (a bit telephone like). A lot of your instruments are all peaking in the harsh area of the mid (around 2000-4000 hz). The piano sound hard, too hard for the context. It would be nicer in the mix if softer and peaking more in the mid (around 500-1500) than here in the hi mid. Let the place in the hi mid and treble for the strings. Your strings rhythm part sound fake (samples repetition and not the right bowing anyway). Try something more staccato or marcato and try to use a maximum of different samples when the same note play. Try to attach notes and make expressive lines in using many bowings (slow, legato, expressive, lyrical, vibrato, non vibrato etc). Don’t hesitate to use MIDI control (expression, volume, modulation etc) too. Your strings need to sing their lines not being robotic. That said, your cellos are pretty expressive and realistic.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile: