My new track. NEED HELP, please.

Hello everyone, I already received 6 hard rejected, and now I’m going to upload a new track, but before sending, I wanted to ask your opinion. It seems to me that I have something wrong, but I can not understand what it is

Hi there. I think you should work more on the melody, also mix is quite rough, levels of the instruments are not so good and maybe you need to put some reverb on some channels. Let the other guys give their opinion.

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Thank you for your opinion. Yes, I constantly do not get to make bulky and interesting mixes. It’s tiresome to work on …


Need more volume on the instruments. Especially the violin. Piano is good, but little flat, put off a hi-pass filter.
You can try to add saturation, compression and maximizer on master.
Also, try to duplicate the instruments another sounds. (Layering)
And, Yes. Add some reverb.

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Thank you. Immediately follow your advice, you gave me direction for the movement!

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About the mix: I love the bass, piano is too loud from 0:53. You could lower the volume of it a bit or raise all other instruments (second option better for more dynamics and intensity in second part of the track). The strings sound a bit tiny (too much low end cut). Only my opinion. I hope it helps! :slight_smile: