How to improve my track?

Hi Guys,
Below track got rejected. Could you please share your thoughts how I can improve the track?

Hopefully I will learn something that i can apply on my next track?
Thanks in advance for the help.


I think the piano lacks environment and is too digital, also it is too far ahead of the rest of the tools … perhaps too much compression I think. Perhaps the dynamics have something like the rhythm that is too static and there is no division between the instruments. I think.

Thank you. Appreciate your response.

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You have a real problem with volume balance between instruments. The piano is too loud, strings are too quiet. All your mix need more reverb. You should put a bass instrument in the lower octave not far from the begining. New instrus could come in after the break (where the kick drum stop). A big fat strings in the background making harmonies could be great. I hope it can help! :slight_smile: