Hi, I'd like to get some feedback on a rejected track

Hi, I recently uploaded this track and was rejected. Not sure why, but I’d like to get some feedback in order to improve. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you guys!

I’m not sure I’m qualified to help as I’ve just had my 2nd rejection in a few months but I’d say the only issues I can really detect are the samples sound a bit dated, and the kick drum is way too loud. Seems the idea is fine but needs to smooth out a bit.

If you don’t have access to better piano samples (kontakt perhaps) then try adding a touch of reverb and low end eq to warm the piano a bit.

@MusicBoxStudios thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I can agree with your points. What I can’t agree with is how AudioJungle simply rejects a track, without proper explanation. I understand these forums are here to help us grow and become better at our craft, but without actually knowing what is it about our tracks they don’t like, we’re simply guessing. I get they’re trying to make their marketplace competitive, but c’mon AudioJungle, give us some direction! It’s disconcerting when we spend hours/days/weeks creating music for their library and all we get is a canned response when it’s rejected.

I’m not expert. But for my ears, you have problems with mixing. Strings sounds midi. The kick don’t sit well in the mix. And the composition, a bit repetetive for 2,5 minutes. But this is only my opinion, maybe it’s wrong.

Don’t give up and good luck!