Can I get some feedback please.

Hi everyone!

I got a reject for this track. Please tell me what am I doing wrong?

Everything else than the piano, and then the strings a bit, is lost! you can only hear a bit of piano and a tiny strings, nothing else. this needs a very good and powerful mix, put your best headphones on and put it under the microscope! Good luck! track is nice.

Watch out for each instrument to be in its dominant frequency range and not have clashing frequencies, meaning if piano is brightest at 5k then you should keep that area for piano and reduce the others in there a bit, also each instrument to have its own place in stereo field (pan), right now its a wall of sound and you don’t separate the instruments, they all play like in mono!

Piano is too loud and dominant, try to make a mix without the piano playing at all, and then bring the piano in


the main piano lacks harmonic. The beginning is very important keep that in mind. Other then that the structure is perfect.

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I’ll try to make a mix what you say. Thank you.

I’ll try to fix. Thank you.