Rejected item. Please help!

Hello users of audiojungle! Please help me understand the reason for rejecting this item? What should I work on?

Thank you!

Dude, You need to learn how to play instruments. Your track sounds robotic to me. The sound of piano isn’t real, it sounds like 100% velocities and 100% quantized from start to finish. Just my opinion.

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Hello Emerald Note,

I just listened now to your submission. I think the idea is good but I still have a few comments:

  • The piano is too loud and is occupying too much frequencies from the mix.
  • The piano could use some velocity changes to sound more natural.
  • I can hardly hear a bass line, probably still because of the piano.
  • The transition could use better effects; White noise, risers, reverse cymbals
  • Percussion (hats) sounds too much in the foreground, I would eq it and make it sound lower.
  • The drums in the end could use some reverb and less dry signal because it’s clashing with the main drums.

My advice is to practice, listen to a lot of similar tracks. Take a reference track, you don’t need to copy it but just check how the mix is executed and research on how you could achieve this quality.
I personally watched mostly Youtube tutorials and read online.
If you need any further help, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message,

all the best! :slight_smile:


These are really very valuable tips for me. Thank you guys so much!

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