Reject pls help! >__< Inspiring

I have a track which was rejected

I hope you can help me to figure out the reasons and provide me with some advise)
Thanks to evereone!!!

It’s a good track!

The piano, however, needs to be mixed differently. It’s almost like it has a bandpass on it and it was a little hard to listen too. A more subtle, fuller piano would do well I think!

  1. Piano sound is very strange (like with highpass filter).
  2. Try to create more standart arrangement (idea is fine, but you need to create it with some “audiojungle feel”)
  3. You need to mix it better. It sounds like demo, not like professional track.

Hope it helps you. Good luck! :slight_smile:

tnx, I’ll fix it. its very easy to get used to things like piano sound here when you listen to it for a long time… so it didn’t sound strange to me afterall, tnx again)

hey, Cat
tnx for your cool comments a professional view) it helps a lot!

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

I think the quality of the strings sound is not good, especially on fast notes I hear midi sound.
you also need to improve your mixing skills)
Piano is interesting as for me, I think you can write good music! good luck)

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