My track has been rejected, please help!

Hi all. I have a track that has been rejected, and I’m not sure why. This exact same track has been selling well on other platforms. All feedback and help welcome! Thank you.

I think it is too mechanic, need to use better sound libraries and is not well mixed.

Yea, bad mixing.
But track is good

The piano sound isn’t real. The sound is not mastered properly. I wish you patience :slight_smile: If you will hard working, you get it! :slight_smile: The composion is good for me :slight_smile: Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies, it’s been very helpful.

A couple of quick questions… when you say the mixing is bad, I’m presuming it’s quite obvious to you that it’s bad. Where do the problems lie - the EQ? The stereo panning space? Both? Also, what are you using to hear this, speakers or headphones?

Thanks in advance!

I used only the headphones in this case.
The idea of the track is not bad. I meant this.
The stereo imaging is good.
I believe that the main problem in unnatural strings and a very “glass” piano. The problem with strings can be solved by replacing the library as Manriquedelara said or using legato and automation. Basically I mean the attack of a cello. See PDF of your library.
And try to reduce the frequencies in the region of 2 kHz in order to get rid of the excessive mechanicalness that Manriquedelara spoke about.
Work with a piano in the area of 1.5-3 kHz to get rid of this “glassiness”.
It’s hard to explain what you need to fix and it’s hard to understand what I mean))
I hope, at least these tips will help you a little. And all this is my personal opinion.

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Yeah I think it’s really just down to making things sound a little more realistic… I don’t think the mix is all that bad if the instruments didn’t sound quite so sharp in their attack. Soften up the velocities would be the first thing I try and go from there, the idea is pretty solid and I dig the percussion stuff you’ve got going on. Maybe a little more space too…

Thank you all for the help and support! Much appreciated :slight_smile: