Feedback on rejected piano and strings track

Hey everyone :slight_smile: I just had this cinematic piano/strings track rejected, it’s the first track I’ve uploaded in a while that has been rejected, and it is the first track of this genre I have uploaded, so I’m hoping some of you could point out anything you hear that I’m missing that will help me improve future tracks like this. Thanks in advance, cheers!

Edit: Could it be I uploaded this track in the wrong category and that contributed to it being rejected?

Hey there!

I would say there’s overall too much reverb, it also sounds too mudy, you can’t really diferenciate each instrument as they are “fighting” in the same spectrum. Specially the piano that it’s playing the main melody feels pretty overshadowed and should be more upfront, level, eq and specially the reverb, it makes it feel like it’s so far away.

The percussion also sounds pretty dull, it lacks a lot of the attack transient and it makes the whole track feel less impactful.

Compositionwise the transitions from one section to another should be more clear, specially the outro (1:46). The intro also sounds like if it was cut in the export, it starts pretty abrouplty is it supposed to be that way?

Hope it helps! :grin:

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Thanks for taking the time to listen and give feedback! That all helps a lot and I will keep those points in mind when making another track like this.
Also when an item is rejected and they say you can’t submit it again - does that mean that I can’t actually improve the existing track and resubmit it? Or could I fix the problems and submit it again?

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They mean resubmit the same item. You can resubmit it as long as you keep improving it!

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