Help/feedback/advice needed - rejected piano track

Hi everyone - I’m looking for a bit of feedback and advice re: a piano track of mine that was recently rejected. I was told it didn’t meet requirements, and just wanted to get some other opinions!

Thanks very much!

Beautiful composition, it is difficult to say why the track is rejected …
Perhaps due to the fact that there is no development. For example: the first part sounds one octave 2 times, try the second half of the first to hold an octave higher. Also can be made in the second part. The third part - a repeat of the first. Try to add a third part full of the new element. For example: strings pizzicato.

Sorry for my english))))

Hi - thanks so much for replying. Some good points - I’ll go back and see what works! :slight_smile:

The main reason of hard rejected - is mechanical piano, in my view.
1.Add some velocity to different piano notes,
2.Also. the track very monotonous. Maybe add some high notes, like arpeggio for example or etc.
Anyway, hard rejected is rightly. Listen more AJ romantic/sentimental tracks. Good luck, man :slight_smile:

IMO, the string sound isn’t that great. The piano sound is ok, but for a track that’s mostly piano I think they tend to prefer something more direct sounding and less ambient. Even some subtle compression would probably bring it closer to typical Audio Jungle sound.

Also, the more you move away from submitting music that doesn’t sound like everything else that’s uploaded, the higher your chances for rejection become. They call this “commercial viability.”

Thanks guys, some good feedback and suggestions.
All the best :slight_smile:

Hi, @Floor7Sounds! I think that piano sound not bad (but it’s maybe better to make it more dynamical), but main problem that arrangement is to repetitive and boring. If add cello or vilolin solo (or full orchestral arrangement) it wil be more interesting. Hope it helps. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I would have worked on note velocity, sometimes it sounds tough.
Also I heard a little dirt in the sound, try eq in high frequencies and low cut, increase in the region of 100-200 Hz for warm.

Don’t know why it was rejected. I think it sounds nice. It’s a little on the mono side for me. A wider sound would be nicer. Good track though!

Thanks all, I appreciate the comments.