Feedback on Hard-Rejected track (Piano and Strings)

Hello! This is my first work and got “Hard Reject”.
Please share your constructive thoughts on this:

Thank you for your time!

Hi, everything sounds robotic and machine-played. That’s the main reason for the rejection.

Hi :wave:@Audioland, thank you for reply!
how can i fix this? use volume automation or maybe play everything on the midi-keyboard and then correct it a little?

it’s a matter of velocity. if you are a pianist it is better to play it otherwise it must be given a more human dimension. you can rework the velocity of each note to make it feel more human, more musical. also put it back a little when the other instruments come in.

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Hi! Thanks for the detailed answer and advices :pray: I’ll try

The strings also needs more humanised, more dynamic and the acoustic could be better too. Although only piano and strings I feel they are fighting for acoustic space. More mixing works may be needed to make them fit well together.

Nice vibe, chord progress is great.

Personal opinion only. Hope this help. Good luck.



I kinda doubt roboticness is the issue, there’s a ton of it in the piano genres. I think where the progression hits G7/F it gets sentimental, pretty much a big descent too. Try revoicing and changing some inversions to make it sound like it’s going up and take it from there.


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in fact you propose to rewrite his music?

Nope, just proposing he tweaks it. He has a nice tender piano theme and sparkly harp transitions, but the bass line is weighting it all down. A melodic theme would help too.


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@cppmusic Thank You for comment and compiments! :pray:
maybe you can send link to good mixing tutorial
for this type of music (in your opinion)

@iwritemusic Thanks for your opinion, and for the kind words bout piano and harp!
that’s an interesting idea with bassline. :thinking:
Blessings to you

@ip-sound I searched Spotify, this is one I found, I believe there are many examples like this.

The main point is to add more crescendos, tremolos, dynamic and other humanise variations to make the strings more convincing and real. How to make the sample orchestra sounds real? this is a huge topic, I am not knowing enough at all to give you any more tips, but i am willing to learn more.

After all that, again, this is just my personal opinion, you may not want the strings sound real, and just use them as pads. Nothing right or wrong in music now.

Hope this help you at all.


Hello !!! I think the reason for the reject is the non-commercial sounding of the mix. Sound is dull and unbalanced in frequency. In 2 videos I tried to EQ the piano and the whole mix. But, more correctly - it is necessary to equalize each instrument of the orchestra. Also, the upper strings sound unnatural (plastic), try using a better quality library or vst plugin. Sorry for my English. Good luck !!! Best Wishes_Edit Piano Best Wishes_Mix