Got a rejection. Any advice?

So my piano tracks got rejected. I’ve tried two different genres to see if perhaps Audiojungle likes one better than the other, but neither made it through. I’d really appreciate if someone experienced could give me a more detailed reason for rejection, or offer some advice on what to improve.

Tried a bit of variation here:
Trailer Piano

Tried to make this one stock-ish sounding:
Corporate Piano

I think the first one is too complex for stock music. The second one is great, but I suggest to add more reverb and maybe a cello or a violin, as it sounds more like a piano part of a bigger piece, not like solo piano.

yeah, as @Theo_Sound said, the first is plenty of expressiveness… as I like to say, the piece “lives by itself” and I couldn’t take this as a background in commercial projects, . although I think it’s a great track… could work in some artístic or figurative motion projects. Maybe in other Markets, but here… I think it’s hard :smiley:
the second track… corporate? maybe better cinemàtic. you put here the harmònic structure from corporate tracks, but again you have a nice hands of angel while playing your notes: expressiveness, nice playing… it’s more like cinemàtic and romàntic moods in films, and agree again with @Theo_Sound, it sounds more like a piano part from a bigger piece… but in this case I think this would be too long.
good luck!

Thank you a lot for your suggestions, guys, that was very helpful. Alrighty, guess I’ll try to keep things simple and add some strings for variety then.

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