hard rejection track

Hello everyone! i had hard rejection track. Good people help me to know the problem.
Thank you!

Definitely not an expert in this style of track but it sounds like it is lacking in overall presence to me when I compare it to other “inspriational corporate” style tracks that have been approved. Lacking low end and an overall clarity. Compositionally I think it’s fine.

I think that there are so many of these types of tracks that get uploaded that the standard by which you are judged might be a little higher.

thank you for your comment

Good composition. I think the piano samples you’re using sound a bit MIDI.
Also the, uh, whatever it is at 0:28 is odd. Like a midi French horn? I can’t really tell.

I think better vst’s could help.

The reverb gave a lot of resonance. I think this is also the reason for the refusal.

thank you for your comments

Wihle this track does sound a little plasticky, I don’t think that the problem here is one or two specific errors. Rather, as with many recent rejections that have been posted here, it is the overall quality of this track which is simply not good enough to compete in a hopelessly overloaded market for generic corporate tracks. This track simply brings nothing new to the table that hasn’t been uploaded in a better quality 10000s of times already. My suggestion: Try to improve every aspect significantly (samples, mix, composition, dynamics, etc.) or look at other categories.

thank you.