Feedback on hard rejection


Is there someone who would like to comment the hard rejection of this track?

Every comment would be very appreciated!


Hi, I’m still new here and not super familiar with the approval process but listening to this the issues I see is that it doesn’t follow a super understandable structure, the shifts seem a little random and don’t follow a recognizable pattern. I may be wrong and I’m just not hearing it but it seems to me like you may have done transitions when they “felt” right rather than following any sort of music theory structure that I’m familiar with. Is that fair to say? I also think the transitions themselves could be a little bit cleaner and the entire thing is a little overstimulating like all of the instruments are competing for your attention instead of working together. I hope this helps!

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All I can think of is the quality of the bass guitar and snare. The bass guitar could be a bit more tight/quantized I think, and the snare could have a richer, more professional sound. And the guitar at 0:50 is a bit loud, and resonant, filter the peaks a bit on that one I’d say.
Nice track though, weird it’s a hard reject. Good luck!


If it were me I probably would not have hard rejected this. I would have given it a soft rejection with the following recommendations:

  • I think it needs slight mix/balance adjustments. Specifically, less 100-200 Hz, and more of everything above 1 kHz.

  • Needs a bit more variation in percussion. Maybe add in a few shakers, hand claps, snaps, hats, etc. each time the main section comes back in to make things more interesting.

To me though this is a track that would fit well alongside other tracks currently in the marketplace with just a few adjustments. Maybe they are just really picky about corporate tracks since there are so many of them already?


Thank you for all the answers, I’ll give it a new try after a few improvements.