Hard Rejection - Can You Comment Please

Hi Friends)
Just got back from a year long pause and… got several hard rejects %-(
One on them is here - can you please give me some thoughts about what is wrong with the track (mixing for sure I guess:-) ) and how it can be potentially improved so I can re-submit it?
Here is the track: https://soundcloud.com/arapajo/ambient-guitar-corporate

Your comments and suggestions are really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

The melody guitar is loud and monotonous.

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Hi! Here are some first thoughts after a few listens:

  • The track is lacking variety (I understand it’s an ambient one and not a showy style, but it still lacks something that could break the monotony a bit).

  • The repeated notes from the bass synth are a bit too much from 1: 30 until the end.

  • The guitar with some pull-off notes coming in at 0: 38 is sounding a bit too fake in an unpleasant way.

  • This same guitar motif is borderline disharmonious with the stereo delayed guitars at times.

  • The end could benefit from being a little more worked on as it sounds a bit half-baked.

  • I don’t spot very big problematic mix problems, except that I think the stereo delayed guitar tones are a bit too loud and overpowering the mix.

Hope it will help you a little. :slight_smile:

Hi, I thought it got too busy. I liked the way it started. The drums and percussion are a bit too much…especially the bass drum which I thought hit too much…and the double snare hits…I might use a subtle delay instead. I would leave more space…maybe keep some of the introduced background instruments but lower in the mix and thin out their EQ. I would focus on guitar, synth bass and major drum hits rather than any syncopation which happens throughout on other instuments etc. Less is more as they say. I would also either introduce a proper B section to take it somewhere or shorten the whole thing. Also, this kind of music is all over AJ especially…’Ambient Corporate’ so harder to get accepted at the moment it seems…so it could just be a case of them being more selective rather than any fundamental issues with the piece which has potential. I’m no expert at this type of music but those are my gut reactions from a quick listen. Hope that is useful, good luck :slight_smile:

Hi guys @EvgenM, @Nonzerobot, @Revturkey :handshake:

Thank you for the quick replies with useful track analysis and suggestions for the improvement.
I’ll work with it, maybe try to find some good reference track to learn how to give my track a better new life :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


:handshake: Good luck for your return to AudioJungle and future tracks! :slight_smile:

Many thanks!
Hopefully I’ll be able to meet AJ quality criteria :slight_smile:
Good luck wit da sales! :moneybag:

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Your music certainly have potential. So, I think you’ll get back on track soon.

The mood of the track is negative !!! In addition to all not very well chosen tools that create this mood! Such a track should be gentle and airy, but in fact it sounds very poisonous!

Thank you AMZA,
I’m finalizing another track now, however in parallel thinking about how to re-do this one… I’m listening to similar style tracks, trying to gather experience)
Your comment is very useful, probably the whole thing needs to be changed - guitar sound, arrangement breathing, FXs… and the mood of course :slight_smile:
Thanks again!