Hard Rejection. Would love to improve!

Hi friends!

I’ve submitted a piece of piece of music under the ‘corporate’ page and it got rejected.

Would love some feedback on why you think it got rejected and some ways I can improve it to make it have a higher chance of approval.

Submitted Track: https://soundcloud.com/cpawsmusic/inspiring-and-energetic-corporate-audiojungle-1

Thank you for your time in advance!


Agree With cpawsmusic, and want to know about it clearly close to understand team actions, thanks.

Hi there!. I’m by no means an expert in this matter but perhaps my point of view can be of help:

  1. The chord sequence sounds a bit stall. I would change the third chord so that it’s not the same as the first one (unless I’m wrong)
  2. You repeat the structure with little changes or development. I would try to add more voices and some sounds so as to create an interesting sound design. Some repetitive sounds can even replace a hi-hat while keepeing it interesting. Some of the weekly best sellers might give you an idea or some perspective.
    ·) Don’t give up! Seems like the Corporate category is a tough one. Work on your tracks, listen to what is being made, accepted and sold and you’ll get there in no time!

Best of luck!


Thank you so much for the feedback! I’ll try these out and report back with the results!

Good news! I made the changes and it got approved! Thanks again!

Since your expertise worked the first time, do you have an idea on why this track got denied as well? Also, what category would you throw this under?

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Glad to know it worked out!

You got a hard rejection but could send them the track again after the changes? I’m new around here and thought that wasn’t an option!

Some thoughts:

  1. Give some chorus and treatment to those claps. Double them up. And rest the ears. Avoid placing them throughout the whole track all the time.
  2. The guitar sounds rather harsh on the rhythm. I would ease the articulations. Having a tight beat doesn’t mean you should steal the show with the articulations. Soften them a bit and see where it goes.
  3. For me it sounds empty a bit. I would give the bass more importance in the mix. And the bells could have some piano doubling them. By adding instruments I would attemp to get to a more defined climax by the end.

Now I should go to rest before I lose my mind. Keep at it!

Agree with all opinions here… I imagined some arpeggiated sounds in the middle, to compensate some lack of harmonic presence… maybe some rhythmic chords… :slight_smile:
you can use an aditional palm muted guitar with lower tone…
good luck!

Love the suggestions everyone! I’ll put these to work and report back the results. Thanks again for taking time out of your days to push me in the right direction!

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@ [cpawsmusic]
I have a question for you. How were you able to upload a track after it was hard rejected? Are there any consequences if it is rejected again? I thought it wasn’t possible to reupload those tracks.


I mean I had to re-do all of the information filling out everything, but being new here I’m not entirely sure on the procedure when it comes to hard rejections & auto-declining. However in my experience so far, I just fixed the elements you mentioned and basically just uploaded it like any other track and it got approved. I’m guessing if that’s the case, then I got lucky.

Alright so some not so great news. The track got rejected after making the changes you all suggested. So here’s the track with the changes if you guys have anymore suggestions on why it got rejected / what could make it better. Thanks in advance! :smiley:

The bass is very loud. He needs to trim the lower middle of the equalizer. he interrupts all musical instruments. There are still problems with the guitar, but let it explain guitarists)

@EvgenM Here’s with the changes you suggested, does this sound accurate?

You need to configure each instrument separately, I just show how to my taste-better.

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This is perfect! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to do this. Much appreciated! I’ll get to work on the mixing changes!

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I understand that you look at the middle tracks that are in the store and try to make a sound for them, I used to do so too… Adjust the sound as the elite authors)