Feedback on Rejected Track


My first time posting here,

It would be great to get some feedback on this rejected track, I’m new to writing/composing, especially in the corporate genre and id be so grateful to get some direction from you guys more experienced in the field.

Thanks so much !

Hi McGAudio,

at first. I really like this song. I like the chord progression and the song evolving. Don’t put this song to trash. A hard rejection doesn’t mean, that you are not able to resubmit this song, but you’ll need to do really seroius and major changes for a resubmission.
I like the song, but:

  • you have a major lack in the mixing and mastering
  • there are some weird noises in the song (by example at 00:36; 00:59 I mean this high “plings”)
  • you should search for a better drum library. Your drums sounding thin and a bit powerless and too mid-saturated. Also there are issues with the drum gain.
  • your drum parts need more variation (instruments and played notes). It’s too simple actually. But don’t overdo it or make it too complicated.
  • that woosh(bang) sounds in the beginning, need a reverb
  • I would also change some of the melody instruments to get a bit of variation. After the break at 01:27 you could implementing some bigger strings. Actually the muted guitar and the lead guitar take too much space and thats a bit boring.
  • After the break at 01:27 your lead guitar changes to an octave higher, which is too high in my opinion. This high part should be played by violins and the guitar in the same octave as before.

I am convinced of this songs potential. It’s a really good start - but it needs some of major improvements.
I would propose to do this changes and then ask here in the forum, if the song is ready for a re-submission.


Thanks so much for this Daydreamz ! Concrete points i can work on , thanks for your time I really appreciate the direction.

@McGAudio . Agree with what @Daydreamz-Studios said. In addition to that. I know that chord progression is really popular for corporate music but as a personal touch i’d stay away from ’ With or without you’ . It’s a bit to obvious. The mute guitar is a nosy and a bit heavy on the midrange. 700-1000 cycles. The tempo of the track could be increased a bit in order to gives some movement, but this is subjective.