Rejected Corporate track [Feedback]

Hello everyone!

So, as the title says, I got my very first track rejected. Reviewer’s quote “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

I would appreciate If you guys have a couple of minutes to listen to it and give me some advice on the flaws it has. I just started producing music so I was kind of expecting it would get rejected, obviously I need to get better!

Thanks a lot.

Hello, @StimulusAudio. Maybe you can review some elements, I have the impression that in corporate style everything sounds pretty quantized. You’ve combined beautiful acoustic elements, but maybe the sound is still a bit raw, too organic (by AJ standards in that style). At the second moment of the track, when the guitars stand out, I found it really cool - I personally enjoyed it a lot - and I would try to make a version with that part as an introduction. Anyway, keep working, investing in knowledge and techniques, I hope you can achieve great results!

Thanks for your reply @thekingtracks. I will definitely make a new version with that in mind. In fact, when I started composing the song, that second part was the main idea I had, but I felt it needed an introduction with another melody.

As for instrumentation, I mostly used Omnisphere, NI Battery 4, Strummed guitars and Massive. Any other synths or VSTi I should add to the recipe?

Thanks again for your time.

Compositionally I think it’s great. Unfortunately sound quality wise it doesn’t seem to have the “sheen” that most of the corporate stuff does these days. It’s a super competitive niche and your production needs to really be on point if you want to compete.

Excuse me for my school English!
I think the song is very nice … to my taste … I find that the first 35 seconds give the impression of not centering anything with the rest of the melody.
I would keep good from the minute 0:50 until the minute 1:54. I would change the introduction with something that recalls the rest of the melody, and since the song grows in dynamics and effects I would keep the ending suspended.
Congratulations for the job!::wink: