First Rejection. Feedback PLEASE

This is my second upload and first reject in corporate style.

Maybe I didn’t match the style enough, but no information has been given, except “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately”. Can any seasoned contributors give me some more feedback?

Thank you!

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Nice track! I’m new on AJ, I hope someone with more experience will tell you something useful. Maybe long bright notes (like sustained strings) are not suitable for corporate style? Regards.

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Thanks! I hope that the reason is just that. Worse if I don’t meet mix standards

Nice track, very positive.
For me there is something wrong with drums.
May be need to eq and volume the snare to help it fit well in the mix.

Thankx! I will consider this in the future!)))

Lovely composition, maybe just issues with the mix? That lead guitar sounds a little rough and the strings towards the end don’t scream ‘corporate’ to me (as lovely as they are)