Item Rejected. What's wrong?

Hello everybody! I made the corporate track but it was rejected. What’s wrong with this music?
Thank you!

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Hey @SoundSkater, if I had to nitpick at it, your percussion (kick and claps) could be more present in the mix, and your dotted 8th guitars stick out a bit. But, I think compared to the rest of the corporate tracks on AJ, this is pretty acceptable! My guess is that the corporate category is oversaturated and so they’re just rejecting stuff outright. I wouldn’t take it personally, I think you’ve followed the genre conventions well. Maybe try a different category for your next submission? Cheers!


I agree with @singhstudio , and I also think in the begging there is some distortion in the piano, also for me at 1:39, there is too much going on, to support that, some mixing changes should be made in order to fit all that crowded stuff. Muted guitar also seems loud, I think the mix is the problem here! It needs separation and clearness . Good luck with it!



My guess is the clap sound you’re using is a little loose compared with the tight timing of everything else. Even so, I’m kind of surprised you didn’t just get a soft reject.

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I feel it’s better than many other tracks on audio jungle.
Not THE best thing out there but deffinately acceptable to me

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Sounds great man! If I had to guess I’d say the muted guitar is a touch loud and the claps are touch low. The audio quality is top notch…