Two tracks rejected, why? Please, want to hear your feedback

Hi, Junglers! I’ve got 2 tracks rejected (unfortunately, without ability to upload those files again after fixes) and I don’t understand the reason why. Please, leave your feedback.

P. S. I did 4 variations for both files (full, short, half and very short), if it matters.

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good music!
but in 2nd track too much low-end, for me

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Thank you for your feedback. Second track is indeed a little bit too “bassy” maybe, thanks for tip, I will fix that, but I’m afraid that it’s pretty minor thing (some other tracks in Upbeat/Corporate are even more bass-heavy) and this is not the true reason for rejection, there must be something else. Idk. It’s my fourth rejection in a row and I’m very close to giving up on AJ =(