Hard rejected... need some of your feedback!

Hey everyone. I think it’s the same story of anyone that starts a topic with a title like that.

It’s my first time on AJ and I just got hard rejected for my 1st song.

Honestly now I’m afraid my upcoming songs that are in the queue already will also get a hard reject… for the same reason perhaps? Which was: “this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard”.

So please, I appreciate any kind of feedback from you all… thanks in advance.

It seems to me that the track lacks a leading melody, even if simple. The shaker sounds annoying. I think that not always live recorded bass (if it’s realy is)) is better than bass from libraries. Not enough good mixing, instruments require compression. I’m sure that you are on the right way, the main thing is not to stop)

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Thank you very much for your feedback, guys.
So here’s the “checklist” for improving this track:
-provide a lead melody
-deal with annoying shaker
-“de-humanize” the bass (it’s from a library, but maybe there’s too much tone into it)
-compress the instruments (I will need to watch a tutorial on how to do it properly, because I’m very afraid of compressors and how I can easily ruin things with it hehe)


Compressor won’t ruin anything if used responsibly)) Try to use the references, both in sound and in arrangements, constantly compare your sound with the sound of the reference, try to understand why the reference sounds good and what you need to do with your track to make it sound good too.

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common man you can do better than this! sorry if this is too harsh, but you can do it. this needs lots of things, mix is very outdated

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I think the normal corporate track, and the development is good, and you can even do without the melody, which they suggest adding, BUT!

  1. Instruments sound very cheap (good instruments already sound good among themselves at the stage of writing parts)
  2. Poor mixing (You still have to practice this! And here you can’t get by with just one compressor)
    My advice to you: Constantly listen and compare the sound of individual instruments and the full mix with the tracks that you like in the Audio Jungle, and just your favorite artists, only in the same style as yours!
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Hey ASPrecords, thanks for your nice feedback!
I just received an email from AJ saying that the (improved version of this) track was approved!

Honestly I was expecting another reject because I didn’t really improve the mix quality that much… when comparing to what I’m doing right now (after getting feedbacks from and outside AJ, watching video tutorials and using better plugins).

But still, it’s a great surprise! It’s my first music on Audio Jungle! :smiley:

In case you and others want to listen, here it goes: