Hard rejected. Ouch! Anyone have any feedback?

My first submission was hard rejected. Would appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

Very nice interesting track
I would be cut some low freqs from piano and add some reverb to it. Add some reverb to other high-freq instruments.

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I’m new to AJ so maybe I’m not very qualified to give you feedback. But I’d say maybe look at the commercial appeal of the track. There are some lovely moments towards the end when the drums and choir come together, however I’d say you need to get there quicker. THere’s quite a lot of clashing in the opening bars between the piano and strings, their melodies don’t seem to gel. Everything from 1:38 is :ok_hand:t4:

Hope this helps, but remember I have no sales ever! :joy:

You need to find better instruments and make better mix! Mostly mix. But also the playing is very mechanical and static. How long do you compose and in what genre are you best at? Do you have more music?

Thank you for your comments. I’m really just getting started. I have a background in music but I’ve just recently become interested in production music. I’m attempting to start with stock music while I work on my skills. I’ve been trying to complete 3 tracks or so per week. I think I’m trying to do them too fast. Here’s a link to another new one. It’s my favorite of the last batch but I’m not sure what it would be used for. Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

Thanks for the comments. I see what you are saying about the opening.Thanks for listening!

Hey this one is very nice! Kind of mix of corporate with film - game. Interesting!

Yes. I intended for it to be corporate and it kinda got away from me! Thank you so much for listening.