Rejected Track. Feedback Requested!

Here is my last rejected track. I really cant see any reason why this item is rejected. Can anyone give feedback please ?

I’ll give you a message that an user sent me a short time ago, maybe it’s for you too

“This track in my humble opinion is too monotonous using the same piano motif that does not provide any variation. Entering into an over saturated genre without a unique and distinctive track will result in a hard rejection. Sorry.”

obviously not for the piano, but generally for the melody.
I am also struggling to understand why many of my songs are rejected

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thank you, yes i just realized all of my rejected tracks are builded around same riff. i’ll keep in mind that when im making my next composition.

Sounds like a regular corporate track, but with a fresh perspective, nothing really wrong with it composition wise in my opinion. From 0:33 on, I really hear few reasons for rejection and have really enjoyed it.

What could throw a potential customer off or what possible made the reviewer reject it:

Those two last synth chords that pause for a moment, I don’t mind it when all instruments play together, but during the first 30 seconds it does sound a bit unexpected. I think it sounds cool, though, just not something a regular customer would appreciate right off the bat. The synth sound and the string/pad could use some layering or tweaking, too, they sound a bit dated and mono(perhaps some more reverb and/or pan spread). This alone might alleviate the “pausing chords issue”.

I think dealing with this would make the track sound 30% more expensive. Shame for the track, it needs just a tiny bit of polishing.

thank you :slight_smile: should i make those changes and resubmit track ?

Wouldn’t advise it usually, but I think it makes sense here. Just make sure it does sound improved, or at least, different in some sense. :slight_smile:

Maybe some other fellow authors could chime in.