Hard Rejected!!! I'm at a loss... Feedback please!

Today i got hard reject becouse “this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.” I have 230 items in my portfolio. I’m at a loss, becouse more than 30 tracks created on these settings and on this template, with a total number of sales of more than 350. What’s wrong with this track? I need feedback


Hello USLA
Hope you doing well. With no doubt its a HQ track and worth to be in your portofio.
But I think the problem is the harmonic vibe and feeling of the Brake starting at 0:30 seconds and the outro. The intro is supperb, drum parts likewise. Copy pasting this and place it at 0:31 and to the outro would have helped you out getting this approved.
Pls note that experienced AJ’s Authors getting aprroved with a more strict review process. So there is a room for newcomers to learn and improve their skills.

kind regards
(My first post with new non exclusive account!)

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Man, what can I say? This track shouldn’t have been hard rejected. The only thing I can think of, following the line of @Accessoires, is the somewhat abrupt change at 0:30. Perhaps you could simply smooth that transition with some noise sweep, cymbal crescendo or something like that, and re-submit.

Anyway, in a track this good, that shouldn’t be reason enough for a hard-reject at all. A reviewer’s bad day, I guess.

Congrats for the great work, hope you get it accepted soon!


They might have thought it was too busy to work as production music. While this could work for certain types of things, like say a video with nothing but visuals, it would be pretty limited and too distracting to work for anything with a narrative or dialog. Maybe removing some of the vocal samples and toning down the “ear candy” riffs would have worked for them.

I agree with WormwoodMusic. Good Work!

But i think about vinyl simulation need to be change to similar eq filter.)

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Love it! Personally, l don’t mind the things folks are pointing to in this thread, in fact there are no issues as far as l’m concerned.

Just don’t take the tune down from this thread, l’m going to bookmark it in case l might ever want it for something.

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Could that be the reason? Is this track too similar to another of your tracks?

If not, I don’t know. Track is dope!


My guess is that the reviewer wanted to make this a Featured track, but hit Reject by mistake. :wink:

Anyways, excellent music, my friend!


I also thought about it))

Thanks for feedback, mate

Thank you, I also think this is the reason for hard reject. the main theme has just begun and in 30 seconds it has immediately ended. This is my mistake.

Thank you for feedback!

Thank you! I will work on it.

Hello, I am quite a fan of hiphopish productions, and yours is just HQ, no doubt on this.
Now, like the others, at 0:30 I think the change is a bit too radical.
A cymbal like sound, of “swhoossh” would help… but to my taste this break occurs a bit too early, I generally see it more around the 0:45 or 0:45 mark. (even though it worked well in some of your tracks I checked, such as “A Hip-hop”, but in this one, the swoosh was really loud and helped make the transition)

Well, I am not sure @Osynthw has the same opinion :slight_smile:

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Well , I’m here since 6 / 7 months, and I don’t think there is a room for new contributor :slight_smile:
Audio jungle is the only stock librairy which hard rejected almost all my submit item …

Btw your track is really good @USLA. I like it , this track shouldn’t have been hard rejected … :confused:

Thank you for feedback, mate!

Thank you! and I’m sorry you have so many rejects :frowning:

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I enjoyed the track, I could see it with a commercial on tv. Maybe the vinyl effect in the beginning didn’t go over with them.