Again rejected. Need your help!

Hi there!

I just got another rejection (hard I guess) on AJ and I’m starting to be disappointed because these rejections (even I can upload 3 items/month), so I would be happy to get some infos from your aspect: What do you think? What’s wrong with my music? Is there any technical info I don’t follow (LUFS, etc)?
I link my last rejected music (which is active on other sites btw).
Thanks a lot!


Hi RedCheese,

Nice track! Can’t really say what’s wrong with it. My guess is the reason for rejection is that there are already lots of tracks like this one on the Jungle.

You mention that your items get approved on other markets. The review team here is much stricter, as there is already oversaturation, so they only approve the best submissions.

Best of luck!


Thank you :pray:t4:

Honestly can’t hear anything wrong with it, the composition is phenomenal, the mix is commercial quality, it’s a really solid track. I agree with @Soundset but I have a complete hail marry idea since it’s not like you have anything to lose. I wonder if the reviewer could have felt like the addition of the vocal sample made it less versatile? I’ve noticed tracks with any kind of vocals get denied more often than instrumentals, it might be worth removing the vocals and resubmitting, at worst it’ll get denied again and you’ll know that the reason is just the sheer number of tracks in this style on AJ, at best it might get accepted as a purely instrumental piece. Either way don’t get discouraged! You’re very good at what you do and AJ is just incredibly picky, their rejections often have nothing to do with quality.