Rejections, help appreciated!


Hi guys,

I`m totally new here on audiojungle, for a start I created a non exclusive profile and submitted the following 2 tracks which both got hard rejected.

Could anyone help me understand why? Only thing stated in the Rejection email is that they don´t meet quality standard. Are they to distracting and quirky for audiojungle use or something ? Any thoughts and critiques are welcomed.

Thanks for any helpful advise!



I think your tracks are great and high quality, you should conbtinue trying upload new items. But yeah, it seems that your tracks kind of bright and distracting for stockand commercial music. I think you should do it more soft and background but keep them interesting if you know I’m talking about.
And try to pick some style and category you like and work on track directly in this style according all rules and features of this style
And I can recommend you to listen works of other authors here on your category



Thank you very much for taking the time! I think you have some good points here. The tracks might be to in your face to be considered as background music, and mixing funk/electronic/rock is probably to experimental. I´ll definitely research more authors in the styles I want to write in.


I wish you good sales and luck man!
Work hard and be brave!

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haha thank you!


Both tracks sounds good to me! AJ is not just about background music so I would just keep doing what you’re doing.


Thanks for the encouragement! I´ll keep roads open but try to work most within styles I really enjoy. Had a little listen to your stuff which is great! Seems like your doing your own thing and its working out :slight_smile: Keep it up!

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Yes, in my opinion you should absolutely write in the styles you enjoy and know. Try to submit a couple of more tracks before you spend too much energy wondering why these two tracks were rejected.
If you haven’t already, try to make some alternative versions of your tracks. 30 sec, 60 sec and couple of loops for example.
Your first track is quite repetetive (nothing wrong with that) and could maybe be cut down to 2 minutes. Good luck with your next submissions!


Some good advice definitely, thank you once again!