Getting Hard Rejection. Need some advices and feeedbacks.

Hello everyone.

I am trying to submit my tracks and i am getting hard rejections. I understand that my tracks too experimental and original but i am trying to understand what kind tracks i must create exacly. I found too much smilar tracks like i did in market and AJ responses not very clear and sharp. You can listen my all five tracks below on SC.


Keep trying bro


You’ve got a great sound! A few things, making succinct intros is a good habit to get into, if for no other reason than when someone is scanning through tracks, if you don’t get to your theme/hook in short order, the track will probably be ignored. I think the droning bass note is another thing that’s probably sinking it, I would go for a more traditional bass line. Also, try and create a B section that you can go back and forth with for variety.

Good luck!

  • Nathan

Really really thanks for your advices. I will try your suggestions. I am not going to give up on this.

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No problem. That’s the way it’s done!