Rejected ... Again, rejected ...

Please tell me what is the problem?

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Nice track! I don’t know, maybe it’s too artistic for this market. I mean, tracks here are much more simple to perception, yours sounds like a track from a big old-school production library. I see you have skills, so just do more research on what’s popular and needed here, and you’ll be fine! Just my thoughts, good luck!

Thanks for the answer, I hope to find an understanding of the market soon.

There’s no place for your here, unless you accidentally muted the hand-clap, whistle, xylophone and ukulele tracks at mixdown? :wink:

Seriously though I like it - if I were to second guess the reviewer (if they even reached that point) I’d suggest it gets a bit monotonous without a chord change or distinct B section… But who knows.

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I will never understand this market. This sounds perfect to me!! Very good job.


It’s a pretty nice track, maybe it’s really too artistic for this market, I think, I think, you will have to analyze the approved tracks on AJ more deeply so that your work can be accepted, I like your work and this is my thoughts.

Thank you and have a nice day!


Thanks for the answer, I will try to take this into account

Thanks :wink:

In fact, I’m just doing this and analyzing the market and meeting a huge variety of tracks and using them as a reference, but rejected … again, rejected))

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Likewise. If anything (IMO of course), when I’ve done this I’ve even improved or put my own spin on the reference tracks. Feeling your pain buddy!

I read the advice one one forum - don’t go after AJ tracks with thousands of sales but a few years old, look at what’s happening in the outside world. Which is fair advice… until you get slapped with the ‘not really AJ style!’ Then you browse through the accepted tracks, and hear nothing but versions of the top sellers!

In my experience so far, I’ve banged my head on every wall and now I’m full circle looking at the first wall again with my blood stains already there! Also disheartened by the massive sales slump people are going through even if stuff was rejected.

The only positive, and it’s a big one, I have from AJ is the amazing people on the forums who have freely given their feedback on tracks. My mixing game has been improved no end (especially by the recommendation of checking out MixBus TV on YouTube).

The ‘not good enough’ hard rejection notice can be dangerously, and needlessly, soul destroying.


Thank you very much for the advice, I will definitely take this into account. In fact, this is the first time I’ve been on a forum, but I already realized that you can learn a lot from the good people here. Good luck in your development.