What's your problem Audiojungle?


Ok. 3 rejections in a row. Do you really wanna get rid of everydoby who make music for hobby? What are your standarts? Happy uplifting tracks of what? I am not willing to spend my time for creating tracks for you exclusevly, if you reject them all. So yeah, it was an interesting journey. But you have accomplished what you really wanted. I am out. You’d better make it official, rather that rejecting everything. Tell people the truth.


Looks like AJ lifted their quality requirement bar much higher.
I would say - all my current tracks would be hard rejected in a blink of the eye if to upload it now.


Yeah, I agree! It should be their number one priority to cater to hobbyists who can neither handle rejection nor learn from it!


I agree with a high quality policy. There’s so much quality content out there. There’s no point in adding content that will only lower the quality of the site and waste peoples’ time when they are searching. Even if your tracks where approved, you probably wouldn’t have any sales. The competition is insane…


I actually did learn from rejections. I know, not every track is gonna be accepted. And I had few rejections before. I also don’t get this quality thing. As if rejection means bad quality automatically. Look what gets accepted now - clipped and out of phase tracks, what quality we are talking about? I know, this story is old, you got rejected, you can’t handle it, you are sucker. Stock music is my hobby, yes, but it doesn’t mean I am new to music production or I am not treating it seriously. Mediocre but catchy guitar and bells tracks from newcomers are still getting accepted for a quick buck. Why not? I am not defending myself, because I probably didn’t get this whole stock music concept completely, but quality alone is not a major factor for sure.


I think the quality of the track is meant not only the mixing and production,
but also the commercial value where it can be applied. Ideally it should be all at an acceptable level.


Look at AJ there are 250 K+ tracks!
Do you think we need to add another 100 K similar tracks?
Imho we need more fresh ideas and quality items.


I’m sorry if my words came off as a little harsh, I just get a bit annoyed with how frequently I see this kind of stuff (i.e. people blaming their rejections on reviewers instead of taking a hard look at their own work - not that you are doing that exactly, but it just kind of gave me the same vibe when I first read it). A rejection certainly doesn’t mean bad quality, but it probably means the track has some lack of commercial viability - at least for AJ’s standards/brand/image.

Of course the reviewers are fallible - they are only people after all. Even personally I feel a bit of a discrepancy as to which tracks are accepted and which are not. But most of the time they are correct - or at least close enough to correct to warrant some more work being done on the track.

I didn’t wish to insult you by implying that you didn’t work hard or take it seriously, merely that AJ is a business, like it or not. They want to make money and portray a certain image - if you disagree with that image that’s totally fine, but I tend to disagree with placing blame on others simply because their image disagrees with our own. That being said, I am all in favor of openly communicating dissatisfaction, it’s a great way for a company to learn and improve. I just happen to disagree with the message here.

I hope you decide to stay and keep trying, but if not I hope you have the best of luck with whatever you do.



So we can only upload happy glock & ukulele music here now? I have noticed the same. I’ve hardly dabbled in AJ, mostly experimenting, but my best selling track (6 sales), is hardly commercial. AJ DOES seems to be only allowing very similar tracks in, homogenized, commercial junk in my opinion, void of creativity, everyone copying each other…
Old School Mystery


I just checked the new music on the front page. Out of 40 tracks theres was one track with ukulele and glock, so it seems you’re wrong.


OK how about subtle plucked guitars, or the exact same safe, predictable chord sequence? Creativity is no longer allowed here? That’s fine, I just don’t want to waste my time creating exclusive tracks that will all be hard rejected. Mind you I’ve only been rejected once and that was my latest track, so I’m trying to find out what their stance is prompted by the OP…


I think creativity is allowed as long as the reviewers think there’s a market for it on AJ. I think you need to try (and maybe fail) some times to get a feeling for what will get accepted and what will not. I agree theres a lot of muted guitars on here though… :slight_smile:


That’s what worries me, I can’t write socially acceptable commercial music if you had a gun to my head. If fact my best selling track here is hardly commercial which is why I’m questioning what their stance is now which has obviously changed from the past:
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If one of your tracks is rejected, it’s a good possibility that a reviewer made a bad decision.

If your tracks are rejected on a regular basis, it’s a good possibility that your tracks aren’t right for AudioJungle. It could be quality of your tracks, or it could be that you’re just writing for the wrong genre.

AudioJungle is interested in accepting tracks that they think will sell well. With all the data and experience that they have, they probably have a solid idea of what tracks sell and what doesn’t.

There’s plenty of other sites to submit your music to. It’s a bit pretentious to assume that there must be something wrong with AudioJungle if your tracks are being rejected regularly.