A lot of incompetent reviews last 1 year... or slow death for AJ...

Hello there! I and my pal (professional sound engeneer and composer, 46 years old) noted that some reviewers making not honest reviews, because they are rejecting really good tracks (during one year) with PURE quality of sound with same words: “Isn’t at quality standard…This submission does not meet AJ commercial production (recording, mixing, mastering) standard…” (you know)…I WANT TO ASK ALL MUSICANTS HERE (except this some new not honest reviewers) and, also, i want to ask a question for Envato Founders, is that tracks REALLY BAD? (I think some reviewers SPECIALLY REJECTING GOOD TRACKS, because they dont want to see highly competitive track in search-list (because they are sellers TOO and can have vested interest in it…)

Example: (Hard Rejected tracks)

https://soundcloud.com/user-906380595/sets/not-accepted-on-envato (I really like track “Travel”, liveplaying guitar, professional quality of mixing, was hard-rejected TOO!)

i want to offer to Envato Founders to introduce REVIEWERS RANKING SYSTEM, where are musicants on AJ can mark the work of the reviewer and click on some recall buttons, A lot of bad marks should to attract attention of Envato Founders and they can check this information. (in some cases they can remove not honest reviewer)

IT IS A PROBLEM! My pal really tired about it, he writes good music and he dropped his hands and i CANT KEEP A SILENCE!

WHY that new reviewers doesn’t give an opportunity to work to really good musicants? (Sorry for bad English, i hope you will understand me)

You can link your Hard rejected tracks with watermark here. We should to attract the attention of Founders of Envato, AJ is slowly dies.

Im working on AJ during 5 years, i love the reviews of some nice moderators like Adrien…it was in 2011… He really loves music, he was NOT lazy to suggest details that I can correct, I corrected them and the music was really sold! I respect and love all old reviewers…

If some musicants thinks, that some reviewers mistakes about your tracks, please, show it here or make another thread!

(Sorry for bad English)


I get you, but I think that Audiojungle working as it is working because it can.

This is because:
a) AJ have HUGE number of submissions and some rejections of good tracks will not make big problem.

b) Reviewers are humans, so, surely that some decisions they make are subjective. How much they try not to be.

c) AJ will be better rated among authors as well as buyers if more tracks “middle quality” are rejected.

You can addmit this or not, but AJ rulles among music selling sites and we all know that. They are in top and that is not achieved by mistake. You can change marketplace or stay here. Your desicion.

Good luck!

If I was a reviewer and wanted to reject competetive tracks I wouldn’t bother with these tracks… None of the current top sellers are made by reviewers as far as I know. How did these tracks pass the review prosess if the reviewers wanted to get rid of the competition?

There’s a big issue in the low frequencies. That alone could warrant a rejection.

Yes, its not the best tracks, BUT NOT THE WORST. They should to pass it on stock! Sometimes i see very cheap music, but it was passed… Whats going on with this world…

honestly i never had rejections problems.
on the contrary… 99% all my tracks were approved immediately in a breeze.
the only hard rejected tracks were, honestly, some experiments i did without even bothering to optimize sounds and arrangement. they were a sort of test in less-common categories.

i also got approved some tracks on which i would have never bet a penny. also these one as result of sound experiment or VSTi test. but they were approved immediately and they also got some sales.
i would say it’s more a matter of knowing which kind of music would work or not.

some examples:

this was a test of my new DAW tempate. i did it in maybe a couple of hours…

this was acutally made in maybe half an hour. i wanted to make an horror ident as a background music of some photos I shooted.

this was a test with some loops and sounds. it stayed on my hard disk maybe for 10 years before being published on audijoungle. i never though to use it in the stock market!

and i have many more examples…

here you have to think about music as a “support” for something else, youtube videos, logo, presentations, items. etc. if the music works with images, then it’s OK. if music and arrangement work VERY WELL with images, maybe it’s ok even without a 100% perfect mix or sound.

OH, and I also got a few rejections that were later uploded on other stock sites and were sold there! :slight_smile:

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Hi DirusRoland,

All our tracks were rejected when we were just starting to upload our music here. I was very angry on reviewers, I was sad, I was thinking of giving up. But then I forced myself to improve my composing, mixing and mastering skills. And had no rejections after that. And I’m still learning and trying to improve.

I would say that approving tracks with low or even average quality may be the death of AJ. It is good that reviewers are rejecting music that does not meet quality standards. IMHO raising the quality and acceptance criteria even higher may be good for all of us.

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Thanks for inspiring words…

I agree that quality should be good and i asked about this 4 tracks (as an example). Is it really bad quality, mixing e.t.c. ?

This tracks made by professional sound engeneer…

Sorry to say that, but I think all 4 tracks have poor mixing quality. Some of them have composing/arrangement issues. I’m not a reviewer but if I was I would not accept them. That’s only my point of view, no offence, please.

Thanks, anyway! Thanks for your time. We will try to get better