I rarely have tracks rejected. Lately though, it seems that AJ reviewers are more critical than ever (which could be a good thing for overall quality) judging by some of the forum posts asking for advice on rejected tracks and possible reasons for being rejected.

I recently had this track rejected Breaking News along with the message:

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:
Thank you very much for your submission. After much consideration it has been decided that this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

If the reviewer gave it “much consideration” and took the time to write a comment, why not be more specific as to what ultimately lead to the rejection? How is one to learn from or fix potential issues on future submissions if no guidance is provided. Additionally, this would help AJ receive more quality submissions rather than having more “commercially unacceptable” submissions to have to review and reject.

Does anyone have comments or suggestions on my submission based on their rejection experience(s)? Is it possible to get details on rejections implemented as a general practice, rather than just a “Sorry, your item was rejected” comment?

Hi, [DarkSoundLab]. I had an experience talking to Envato support, asking for some specifications. Since they state that tracks do not meet general commercial quality standards, I suppose that these “standards” must be mentioned in one or other way. Or, otherwise it occurs that these “standards” are some stuff, programmed into brains of AJ reviewers when they accept this job. As a result, I found that Envato support does not care. They got nothing to say to you. Of course, you are not the only one here who started a thread out of disappointment. And I am sure you are not the last one. However, you won’t get an answer because these “standards” do not exist.

By the way, year or two ago AJ had an online stream with reviewers answering author questions. Here is the brief scenario of it:

  • write good music
  • ummm…eehhh…mix it well
  • good luck

So do not expect to get a real answer here. They do not care to give it.

Hello @DarkSoundLab!

You can read here about the causes of rejections.

There is also an interesting video (webinar) on YouTube about the causes of rejections (for AudioJungle).

Hope this helps!
Good luck! :wink:

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This is all nonsense what they require. They do not know what they want. I also understand what you get on what the recipient. Jungle is full of not high-quality music, the question is … How did it go through the quality of standards?

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Thanks for the comments. I just feel that if the reviewer(s) would just take a few seconds to type “too long” or “not enough variation” or “competing melodies” or “sound quality/mixdown” or anything similar that would breifly describe the main decision for the rejection, they would not only help the writer/artist to make changes or improve on the composition, but also help themselves by getting better quality submissions, rather than having to keep reviewing and rejecting items that would obviously be rejected.

Try to read it again and watch the video. Did you read, did you watch?

The fact is that there are a lot of authors more than 18,000 on AudioJungle and they (reviewers) are physically unable to answer all of them in detail (this is normal). Moreover, AudioJungle is not a learning center! This is a trading platform for earnings! The calculation goes to the fact that you are already a professional and ready to upload your work (audio track)!

Good point.

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Good! Answer me this question. I had a track that was approved, after a certain time I deleted it for professional mastering, I just did not know then that it was possible to replace the files. And when I sent this track again, they didn’t accept it. But this is ridiculous, before that they took it without any problems and then refused.

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Ok! Which track? Can I listen to your track?

@LapAudioZ I’m sorry! No! Any track you have deleted you cannot reload! In “The Rules Envato” you can find it! It is written there! That any remote track will not be approved again! I do not know and have not heard such cases that Envato restored the deleted (if you deleted them yourself and indicated the reason for removal) tracks. I have no idea if this is possible! :laughing:

Your the second message? Is this the track that was re-adopted after remove? :rofl: I see your track online here!