Item hard rejected as it does not meet quality standards? Sorry guys, it's getting silly here!


Sorry Envato/AJ

For obvious reasons i stoped to even submit music to AJ a year ago as it’s not worth spending days on tracks and getting them either hard rejected for silly reasons like “use a round robin sample instead” or, “the baseline is distorted” (it’s a big beat track with an intended distorted baseline) or “the track skips at playtime 0:28” (oh, i used a Glitch plugin on a Electronic track).

Now, the track i submited 10 days ago had been held for further review and it got rejected for the following reason:

_"Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Give Yourself To It” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Unfortunately, after further consideration, it was determined that this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle. For this reason, we won’t be able to approve it, regrettably."_

While i know, every rejection is a bummer for every author, sometimes i really don’t know if i should laugh or cry.

Some of us invest a week or more into creating a track and are experienced enough to know about “quality standards” in the music business. This is a Trip Hop track and probably is not on high demand at AJ, but i had invested quite some time and hope for some small income to feed my family from it and it does not deserve to just be hard rejected in my opinion.

Anyway, i know Envato is the Boss and could judge and act however they want. Their business, their rules and once more i make myself unpopular :slight_smile:



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Great track for a Big movie as the main theme. Do not ask “Envato” a lot. Sign the track on Beatport. Good luck.

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I’m not familiar with this genre, but It sounds fine to me…
maybe the problem are the vocals?? maybe they are specially strict with that…
maybe this can helps

good luck with future approvals and sales!


Thanks Kannonh

the singer on this track is a professional singer with many commercial releases on various labels and even won a high profile competition from a music magazine, so i guess this could not be the reason here. Sure, one can argue about if he likes the vocals or if he doesn’t, but not if it’s not meeting professional standards good enough for AJ.

I also added a instrumental version for the AJ release in case some potentional customer likes the track but not the vocals.

Anyway, the reason given here for a hard reject is just silly and i have to life with Envatos decision which leads me again to the conclusion that i wont upload anymore of my music to this marketplace, it’s just not worth the time if you do this professionally and have to feed a family.

And rest assured that i am aware that you run into such issues if you made yourself unpopular by the reviewer team and staff for posting critical threads and comments …

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Tracks will get rejected here, even when they’re high quality. The reviewers won’t ever be able to give reasons why, because of the volume of tracks submitted. The best thing to do is just to move on. If AJ consistently rejects your tracks, even if they’re great quality, you probably should find a different platform to publish on.


If AJ consistently rejects your tracks, even if they’re great quality, you probably should find a different platform to publish on.

Thanks Jack - Yes, this is what i did quite a while ago but thought as i buy so many items here and support the Envato Marketplace since it’s early days (7 Years) i do get “something in return” … but it’s a cruel world, isn’t it :wink:


I totally feel your pain. Sometimes I get rejections that blow my mind. I know full well that it was a quality track, but just have to deal with it. It’s definitely frustrating!

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