all tracks rejected

Hey all,

So I uploaded some tracks recently and all of them were rejected, not one of the 13 were accepted, really surprised at that, browsing other similar experiences, some people seem to think it depends on the reviewer, I uploaded 13 tracks all at the same time, so I must have had someone who really didnt like my stuff lol.

Funny thing is one of the tracks I submitted was a track I previously uploaded to Audio Jungle a few years ago which was accepted, but this time round rejected?! nothing changed in the production or anything lol, wtf?

Oh well… I’ll try elsewhere with the tracks and try some other songs on Audio Jungle, see if I have better luck.

Do any of the more established Audiojungle artists have many tracks rejected?

It seems they are rejecting a lot of stuff nowadays.

Do you think it’s because they have too many tracks of certain categories? In regards to audiojungle, it seems that the large proportion of tracks that sell well are of the Corporate category, it seems like over saturation here, I don’t know?

I may write a couple more in the Corporate Catergory but i’m thinking of concentrating on the others, maybe I’ll fair better.

You can share your tracks to understand reason of rejection. :slight_smile:

Here are a few of the tracks I uploaded, the last track ‘Thoughts of Intent’ was the track I uploaded previously and was accepted but this time round not accepted, even though it’s exactly the same song?

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The quality requirements have gradually gone up since AJ started. I uploaded tracks in 2010 and 2011 that were really badly produced. There was one that had a bottom of the barrel mix that sounds like garbage to me now, but still got an extended licence sale. :sweat_smile: But these days they only accept stuff with decent production, and also they’ve tightened up what they approve in terms of commercial usability.

I just listened to Thoughts of Intents, it sounds pretty good. Now listening to Inspiration Power, all I can say is I think that would have been approved a year ago.

If they have categories that are “filled up” and not accepting hardly anything anymore, there should be info about that somewhere. One thing is it’s actually against the rules to re upload the same track, although I’ve done that before myself and got it accepted so I don’t know if that would be a reason something gets rejected. :smiley: Well I’ve listened to most of the tracks now, and it’s a bit surprising that they were all rejected…

Thanks for the comments, yeah I can totally understand if they have over saturation in some Categories that they will only accept a handful of tracks.

I’m not saying i’m a great producer, but I’ve listened to some tracks on Audio Jungle and thought to myself it does not sound great, but at the other end who am I to judge and I don’t want it sound like sour grapes, but I am surprised that all 13 of them were rejected & what is more annoying is the standard message they provide you with.

I will admit that the majority of tracks were written in the perspective of providing music to inspire or use in business background presentations, so maybe the tracks are not relevant for commercial video products as such.

I didn’t know you couldn’t re upload the same track, oops. Oh well, i’ll upload some others I’ve produced recently and see how they go, got a feeling it’ll be the same. Think i’ll try uploading the rejected ones on another site.

Cheers again for the comments.

Yeah I think the quality of AJ uploads has gone up so much in the last year or so that it is getting harder. I’ve had a couple tracks rejected before that I didn’t think were any different to others of mine, maybe sometimes it can be the reviewer, or maybe it’s a style that AJ just isn’t looking for and the quality in that genre is already very high. Now I try to make my tracks more appealing by trying to create more memorable melodies, also doing sections where instruments drop in and out to add variations. Another thing that is getting more popular now is to do a long version and then some shorter edits, this makes it a lot more flexible for buyers to use in videos etc. I would say you are definitely very close to getting approved, you have talent so just analyse the other songs on AJ, keep working on the songs and the approvals will come!

Thanks for listening to them all, appreciate it. Yeah i’m a bit surprised myself, but i’ll just keep plodding on. I’ll break through that wall at some point, for now I just continue writing and uploading the next. If it is a reviewer thing, then I’m just going to avoid uploading in bulk as well!

Thanks for the kind words.
I suppose from a customer & business point of view it’s only a good thing that the quality is improving.
Yeah, as I said previously i’m not the greatest producer or at mixing, but thought my productions were on par with others uploaded, but again who am I to judge, i’m just another of the many authors having a crack at the music library game.
Yeah I have noticed also on other music library sites that some artists upload sometimes upto 14 different edits of a particular track. It may be the way AJ is going, who knows.
I think i’m going to have to think about how the commercial music I write can be used in video productions, as it seems this is what AJ tracks are used for, may be these tracks are just not suited to this. oh well.

So I was reading an article on top rejection reasons & is quite informative, so here is a link for others:

One of the reasons is:

Pacing your uploads
> We’ve seen our fair share of very enthusiastic new Authors upload a large portion of their portfolio in quick succession, but without enough attention paid to them, resulting in rejection. Pace out your uploads and focus more on the quality no the quantity, as you don’t want to waste your time re-submitting tracks because you rushed to submit them.

I am guilty of this and pretty sure it’s why all mine were rejected as I uploaded them in one go. What I do not agree with is the “quality” remark, just because I uploaded a number of tracks does not reflect the days/weeks spent on each track individually, editing, revising, mixing etc… So to blanket all authors with this, is quite absurd. The reviewer does not know how long these tracks have been sitting completed on our hard drives? So just because I decide to upload a number of tracks at once means they must be of poor quality… come on.

Plus hard rejects are not able to be re-submitted, so any re-submission ideas is out of the window.

I don’t think they mean bulk uploads are always a bad idea. They’re just suggesting that you should take it slower until you have a good idea of what the approvable standards are on AJ. And the standards are changing over time as well.