Hard rejected, please some one help

Please some help, I can’t understand what my problem. Thanks for help.

First off, that’s a cool track - it’s really vibey and unique, sounds very epic.

My guess is that the AJ reviewer may have been put off by the crazy vocal samples - I’ll bet if you uploaded an instrumental of it, it would get accepted.

Also, it depends on who’s reviewing - some reviewers would be like, “Wow this is really interesting! It would be great to have a weird vibey vocal sample song to add to our library, ACCEPT!” while another reviewer may listen and think, “The vocal samples are too abstract for Audiojungle, REJECT!”

I personally would’ve accepted it and asked for an instrumental as well, but I’m not sure if that’s how AJ does things

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I think the vocal sample is some kind of watermark?

The track is good, i’m 99% sure that the reason for rejection is the drum samples. They are not great, and they are not mixed in with the rest of the song. The intro is great, but when the drums come in it all falls apart. And you should change the overdriven guitar sample. And maybe back off the reverb a little on the other instruments.

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Thanks for answering. Yes vocals, is the watermark, I downloaded instrumental. And as drums mixed with the mix? All the drums part or just the party toms? What’s the problem with the overdrive guitar?

Drum samples are just bad, they sound like they are just slapped over the background track. You can’t expect a good mix when you put a ton of reverb on all instruments but leave the drums dry.
The guitar sample is low quality, same as drums. Use a better vst.

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hi J_Stle, i am personally not in the business of music but i have to say that i agree with what u said, u have some potential to have a greta thing, this is vibrant and unique, however there’s something wrong with the drums which makes the track hard to listen indeed, i think that if u can fix this, u’ll have a really big things in the end :wink:

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Thank you very much. I’ll try to leave the drums dry. WaveNebula, tell me if not a secret, what you are using drums samples?
And the guitar - VST, and on it hangs a Guitar RIG 5 NI. Maybe you can also tell a quality VST plug-in for guitar?

The watermark is very creepy :slight_smile: Don’t use that not even on your website, people will think they are vocals, and it’s extremely creepy and scary.

The drums sound very outdated, and the electric guitar in the end sounds very artificial, probably because it’s made on a keyboard.

The song is nice IMHO, it should get accepted after improving these parts I think :slight_smile: Best of luck :slight_smile:

edit: I just noticed that everything has been said before, please ignore my reply :stuck_out_tongue: