Friends, tell me please, why this track is hard rejected?



Hello everybody!
I sent the track for review with confidence that it matches format and quality for audiojungle, but it was rejected. Explain to me, if not difficult, what is wrong in it? I will fix my mistakes in the future, I just don’t understand what is wrong.
Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


I don’t like the mix and balance between the instruments , did not like too some tools quiet others loud ) need balance!
the end of the song need to do differently !


Thank you for the explanation! :slight_smile:


I have one more question, if I’m completely remixed and remastered the project again, can I re-submit it for review again after hard reject, or better not to risk and write a new track?


It is better to write a new one !)
For it gives ban !


Thanks again to you, good man :slight_smile:


The low end bass is waving like crazy here and the mix needs the kick drum to be more present, but be sure to form the sound well on it. The composition is really epic :smiley:


Thanks a lot! I will be working on sound! :alien:


It’s badly mixed, and I noticed and electric guitar you got in from 0:58? It’s way too quiet and it just makes your mix sound dirty. As for your structure, it is repetitive and has no climax, unless you wanted it that way, which I wouldn’t suggest it for an Epic track. To be completely honest, I’ve heard worse songs approved… Anyway, you can start by rearranging your track, then mix it in a proper way. I recommend you to listen to a few top sellers with similar tracks and make comparisons.

P.S. You can resubmit your rejected track, but only if you’ve done some major changes in it.


Thank you! I will work on it.


The drums don’t suit the orchestral elements, and the string parts sound very muddy and indistinct and synthy. The guitar chords are uncool. There’s too much reverb on the drums too. It’s also a bit repetitive. Check out some of the AMAZING epic tracks on AJ for a reference on the kinds of mix quality you need to be able to achieve. This just sounds like a big mess of muddy noise, everything competing and playing over each other. Good luck!


Yes, I think it’s about the mix. Your mix is muddy in my spearker. The low-end need more tight.
Anyway, your composition is good. Hope it help.
:smiley: fighting.


Thank you, I understood and heard my mistakes :slight_smile: I will learn and work!


Thank you for kind words!!! <3 :muscle: