Please help me, my track got hard rejected again.

I got many tracks hard rejected since last month, make me feel lost and confused.
Appreciate if some one here can give me comments and suggestion.
Thank you.

The mood of the track is excellent. I propose make guitar quieter and synth sound louder.


Thank you for your comment

The bass and drums sound too quiet to me

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but don’t you think that aj should use the soft rejection from time to time?

hard rejected means that the track is not good for aj and it can’t be resubmited unless there is alot of modifications applied


Thank you for the comment.

Ya, agree.
hard rejected means my track is no market value or big problem in my track.

I think the reviewer should give a hard rejected track a clear comment and reason, so that I can know how to do it better on next time.

They always got this for me…

Comments from your Quality team

Thanks for your patience.

After some careful consideration, it was determined that this submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

I agree that soft reject should’ve been used . Maybe they ( the review team ) are so overworked at the moment that they are not so tolerant of the imperfections of mix etc.

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this is a great track man ! maybe bass is too low and drums too plastic ! great composition btw !

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I also get only hard reject. The problem with this is if the track has a problem with instruments or drums or anything else we could just improve it then submit back. But if they give us just hard reject it means just one simple fact - our music is not even getting close to what they need.

But I think they have to much work, so they won’t bother with this kind of tracks. So my advice is to submit until you get it right.

Try to get a video advertisment from youtube and see if you can put your music over video, if is working then you have a chance to get approved

I understand that they don’t have time to write for every author a review, this is just impossible, but for some track they could do an exception and give it soft rejection.

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I agree with @HeartDrumMachine that guitars is to loud. Try to create more balanced mix and I hope all will be ok. Good luck!

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So me now is blunt, direct and very objective
(so you would benefit 100% from my perspective, ok ? Otherwise I’d say “it’s a cool track man”)

  1. One of my small web-apps got “soft rejected” because it was too “bare-bones”, even if the ideea behind it was good.

Your song sounds like it is ready 70% for AudioJungle, meaning you have to work more, add more channels,
not all channels have to be loud like the guitar is, but here and there, almost perceptible to create a smooth thing, even if the whole ideea is summer punk. It’s the same as if you have good milk and put it in a “Just milk” white cartboard, instead of creating a really nice package for it.

  1. Mastering of the song is just pumping the sounds louder, but you still have to work on frequencies (EQs, compressors) so the overall thing sounds professional. Also consider having stereo spacing, it helps.

  2. The main guitar theme is punk rock, very good and happy, but it’s so loud that anyone that hear this track would say you’re good but a beginner. Here they want professional stuff that can be basically used in commercial areas (TV, professional video, radio, you name it). So keep the distortion of the guitar, but slide the guitar channel volume a lot lower. I think this is what scared the reviewer, if you ask me :slight_smile:

So basically you have a good ideea, it took the form of a song, but trust me, the reviewers heard tons of songs until now, of every genre in the market. Yours just doesn’t have all the attributes to fit in.

The song is great, but you just uploaded it too early if you ask me. Next time make sure everything sounds impecably clean, volumes are ok, watermark not too loud not too shabby, stereo image of the song ok,
and you have enough channels in the song not to be too thing but also not too complex (unless you’re working on a symphonic thing where that’s how it should be).

I hope all these can help you get rid of your hard rejects in the future.


Thanks, maybe next time I should have a reference track for mixing and learning.

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Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:


Thanks for your time for writing me long comment, I got your points. It’s help :slight_smile:

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Mind to sharing how this work?
I have no clue with this.
Appreciate :slight_smile:

Try to get a video advertisment from youtube and see if you can put your music over video, if is working then you have a chance to get approved

  1. Go to videohive and pick up a video

let’s say this popular one:

Then try to compose a music for this video or even better, try to put one of your video over this video and see if the audio is working with the video

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try to use Steven slate drums and native instruments Rickenbacker bass if you want to spend some money on good vsts!
And here’s a reference track considering the mix and master Rocking Sports
Hope that helps

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Thanks for sharing, will try it out.:slight_smile:

Wow, that’s really rock my soul. Very powerful track. :heart_eyes:

Thanks for your suggestions, will consider the vst.