Looking for help: got two reject soft/hard for the same track.

Hello dear authors.
I’m looking for your help and advice.
I’m trying to start selling on audiojungle for over than a year. But all my tracks are constantly rejected.
Recently, a miracle happened, one of my tracks was a soft rejected, with following reason: “Please look over your item title.”

After I made requsted changes to item title and re-submitted track – it was a hard-rejected, with following message:

Unfortunately it was only able to be fully auditioned once you have made all the technical corrections, and after a full team review it was determined that too many aspects of the arrangement and/or production do not meet the general commercial utility standard required to be accepted. For this reason we won’t be able to approve this submission, regrettably.
We apologize for any confusion this might have caused.

Can someone point me what I’m doing wrong please?
Why very same track was soft rejected first and then got hard reject?

I would like to hear some thoughts on track. What’s be wrong? What should I change in track?
Looking forwar to your comments.

Many thanks, Anna.https://soundcloud.com/annaoliinyk/way-to-success

Sorry to hear that. I like the track!
I can give my feedback, for what it’s worth.

I like the staccato strings. They create a good mood.
There are a few things that stick out to me. I like where the percussion/toms are placed. But sound a little bit too midi? Kind of harsh and also thin sounding. Toms could be great here but you might need to find ones that sound better.
The transitions of the Cello could be better but I still think it sounds pretty good.
At 0:17 you use a low boom. It’s quite harsh and needs to be smoother.

There is this synth sound going through the track. Like a sweep. This sounds kinda off. I can see what you tried to do here but I would remove this and replace it with something else.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your feedback! I was not sure about drums too, will spend some time to find better sound. Any information is very helpful, so thank you for your opinion! However I have small experience in stock music, I’m looking for an experienced authors’ advice.