Soft Reject and than Hard Reject. Why?

Hi to all. I just want understand why and because of what it happened with me.

That’s track which will be discussed below, please listen

At first time Envato Review team say me, that i send too many versions for this item. And i understand that Main & 4 Shorts with vocal and instrumental (total 10 versions) is too much and i delete all superfluous files, leave 5 versions and send to resubmissions.

A second time, after 15 hours after resubmission was send, Envato Review team say me:

Thank you for resubmitting this track. Unfortunately it was only able to be fully auditioned once you have made all the technical corrections, and after a full team review it was determined that too many aspects of the arrangement and/or production do not meet the general commercial utility standard required to be accepted. For this reason we won’t be able to approve this submission, regrettably.

I’m new author and i understand, that now my items is checked very carefully. I got 5 hard rejects and for each of them there is no question, I agree that there should be more work and improve something. But last hard (AFTER SOFT) - i don’t understand.

Another my hard rejects - it’s ok, but this track is possible bestseller in my collection. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m human - not a robot. But then tell me please what is wrong with this track, why this item is hard reject? And why i got hard after soft? At the beginning all problems was only in the quantity of versions…

Thank you for your feedback and have a nice day!

Hello Stereo Nuts! I think this happened because of the long holes in the middle of the composition, and the introductory part of the mood does not fit into the main body. Plus, the track is very long and lacking diversity. I think if you change the entry and shorten the pit will be better.

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I liked the track. Any idea why not take: I think too Singing the main melody, the track is not very bright and the background. A long and not very predictable pit. It is difficult to track the commercial exploitation in the form as it is. I would take the start of the main riff and beat him, not removed from the rhythmic structure.

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Thanks for your feedback :slightly_smiling:

Thank you, i think, that will be use your and @StudioKolomna councils, do some changes and try again submit this item.

Maybe I am wrong, but I think you got soft reject “automatically” with reason of too many versions and then after resubmitting they went to listen the track and decided for hard reject.

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nice sound - power sound

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May be another reviewer?
As for me nice dynamic track in the beginning at the middle part of a little slowed down. It changed the mood of the track, but it no so criminal). Try to make it shorter, about 2 minutes, and dynamically.


Thanks to all for feedback ! =)