Item soft rejected. Why?

Can you please help me figure out why this item was soft rejected? It is my first AudioJungle submission and I was expecting that, but I am not sure how can I improve the song.

check e-mail. reviewer should let u know about reason of soft reject

It vaguely says that I should ‘review the engineering and composition and make improvements to a commercial standard’. I am not sure if the mixing is wrong, the mastering or I should let this one go and start with a completely new composition.

oh. now i listened this. if this track was soft rejected i don’t know then. it should be hard in my opinion, sorry. just not commercial standart.

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Surely, you mean it was hard rejected? Don’t feel offended, but pretty much everything about this track is way below commercial standard. Imho, you should take a step back, listen to what sells here, find a style that resonates with you, and most importantly focus on learning how to produce and compose. Good luck.

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Thank you for your response. I will do that and hopefully I will come back with something better. Good luck to you too!

It’s great that you’re trying to come up with something better. But before that, my advice would be to learn about quantization and mixing in general. Once you’ve done that, then try to observe the arrangement/structure of tracks approved here.