Hard Reject. Why?

Hello, friends!

This track:


was hard rejected. Could you please guess why? Because personally I have very strong belief that this track is quite good. Or am I just delusional and it`s really crappy.

Is it really that bad to be HARD rejected.

And do you happen to know how to contact Audiojungle team on this occasion?

Thank you very much!

the composition is great brother ! but you have an issue on mix and master ! as i can see on soundcloud your waveform seems ok ! but the master came out dirty !

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There are many reasons why this doesn’t cut it:

The track starts with an ugly 800 Hz pop, probably because you left no silence before bar one. Overall sound is not pleasant at all and has a cheap quality to it. There is no bass, really, there is nothing below 160 Hz, that’s why the track sounds hollow and has no bottom. The higher frequencies are distorted and unpleasant. The mix is very amateurish and badly compressed. This doesn’t sound like a mix made in a professional environment.

The beat is full of mistakes and completely off timing-wise so that the track is stumbling rather than flowing. Not much is going on composition wise. There is a lot of work to be done on all aspects of production - good luck!


Thank you, man! But is it a reason to reject it HARD? If I can just remaster it.

i think the reason is quality ! yes they can reject this because you provide a finalised product ! its up to the reviewer to soft reject and ask you to lower down the compression or minor problems ! again this might be a problem because you dont hear good on your headphones or monitors !
the first thing we have to do is to fix our studios(or rooms) acoustics ! and also have decent flat sound card and monitors ! thats the only way to mix and master proper !

i can dig the composition @FirstNote ! i’ve seen that kind of music in many commercial and background videos ! its nice ! maybe better vsts !

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Yes, I agree WolfSound - the composition is not the problem (that’s why put it at the end of my comments) and you can definitely make something of it! The thing is, if you are going for a simple chord progression, you gotta make sure it really kicks butt soundwise - otherwise you end up with a…well… cheap, simple chord progression! :slight_smile:

some of best selling music in industry are based in same 2-4 chords ! :smiley: (envato as well)

@FirstNote, @AmazAudio I do not get it, guys: Can I remaster it, make a few tweaks in arrangement and reapload it? Wouldn`t it be against the rules?

i think the rules are if you get rejected you need serious changes to reupload the same track !

You’ve got the ideas, I can see potential with this track. But the mixdown is what lets you down as the others have said. The drums need more weight behind them as they sound washed out, and a bassline would definitely improve it. The strings actually sound OK, and the harmonies seem to work, so just work on everything else and try to re upload. Good luck!

Thanks, bro!

Is this better?


I cant comment on sound as I am listening on my phone, but I would go through the whole track and correct all the timing issues. Especially in the drums, but also some of the piano chords. Good luck!