Hard rejection. Please help me, I need your feedback.

Hello everyone!
I’ve just had this track hard rejected.
“This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”
I have absolutely no idea why. Please could you take time to give me some feedback to help me. Many thanks.



Your track sounds like a copy of this one

I think the big problem (apart from the similarity) is the mix itself.

It doesn’t sound professional or commercial. Unfortunately there is not a single tip to improve this. It is a combination of knowing well how to use compression, eq and effects to get punch, balance and width/depth. Your mix in my opinion lacks all of these qualities.

I can recommend you to invest more time in the mixing process. Watching tutorials (Puremix, TheProAudioFIles, Produce Like a Pro, Mix With The Masters, etc) is always a benefit.

I think the production / composition side of the process is good in this track but it has a lot to improve in the mixing/mastering side.

I hope it helps


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thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate your knowledge and time.
I’ll try and improve my mix skills.
Kind regards

Much as l like OP’s track, l totally agree with the similarity to an existing track :-/

Please could you try to be more specific about the mastering problem, like point out one or two specific parts of the OP’s track that you feel highlight poor mastering? I ask because to my ear it all sounded great :-S I’m trying to learn.

I’m guessing the lead & synthstring sounds are too faint? Compared with the “Energetic Upbeat Pop Summer” song you posted in your reply. I guess it’s because the panning is too wide & some mid range frequency notches need a boost, to make it sound like the similar song you posted?

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I’m glad you asked as I agree that my track needs better mixing. However I use iZotope O8N2 and have used Neutron 2 on every track and Ozone 8 on the master bus.
Pretty much every track uses compression to some degree - the drums and rhythm guitar 1 have parallel compression for added oomph. Ozone is used at the end to add air and polish plus to maximize the mix to -10LUFS.

Again, any tips would be great!

PS who or what is OP?

Kind regards

OP = Original poster or, depending on context: original post, opening post

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Thank you

Well, besides the fine details of sample choice and FX, in general everything sounds a bit thin and harsh. Listen to the mid/low frequencies in the track I posted and how it is related to the upper range. It sounds a lot more warmer/rich/balanced.

It happens a lot to me that I cut a lot of mids and low mids in order to get clarity and definition, then I end up with a harsh and thin mix and I have to go back and redo. Balance is key

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I agree. That track is amazingly well mixed. That rhythm guitar pops out without taking anything away from the mix. Their mix is also incredibly loud. I don’t know how they did it. I put the downloaded file in my DAW and can’t get close. It’s coming in at -9LUFS but doesn’t sound overcompressed to me.

One thing I am rubbish at is boosting gain to EQ, I always tend to cut. Is that where I’m going wrong?

Also if you know how to get a guitar to punch through like that I would be most grateful.

There aren’t any samples on my track, are Audio Jungle tracks usually sample based?

The only FX I used were Fabfilter Reverb and Saturn for a bit of harmonic distortion. Do I need to use more FX?

Again many thanks for your help and time with this. You’ve really helped me move forwards with Audio Jungle. I was a bit baffled by 5 rejections on Friday. I sell loads of tracks on other libraries so to not even get through the door was a disappointment. I also note there are a lot of comments recently in this forum about rejections. Have I joined the AJ party too late and they are over-saturated with tracks? If you search for the title of the other track that you mentioned it fills a page with results!

Again many thanks for your help, it is greatly received.

Kind regards.

I usually use analog emulations eq to boost and parametric and transparent eq to cut. I tend to cut a lot more. Its totally fine. Whatever sounds good.

To make the guitar punch is a lot on the recording and playing/performing. Play the chords clean, with energy and in time. Also you could help it using slow attack compression in order to enhance the attack on every chord and making it consistent.

Making stuff loud depends a lot on the mixing. If your mix is balanced and punchy you will push the limiter with confidence.

If you make well produced and mixed music and if you don’t do an exact copy of another track (which is different to make it similar or the same style, I take ideas and inspiration from existing tracks, everyone does that) you should not get many rejections.

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Awesome advice.

Again many thanks for your help.

I think I get what you mean about taking ideas like the two tracks below. That’s excellent advice, thank you. PS Your mix does sound really excellent. I’ll have a look at that guitar compression thing when I get to the studio in the morning. Thanks again.

Thank you !!

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The arrangement itself is not bad. But the level of information is low, as others have already written. Many elements sound separate. Kick falls out of the mix. The piano has cut too low and so on. I advise you to watch a few lessons on the information and mastering. Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback and help with this.
Is it simply a case of tinkering with the eq and compression on each individual track, or are the instruments themselves fundamentally wrong?
What does “the level of information is low” mean?
Again many thanks for your time.
Kind regards.

By “level of information” l’m guessing the person meant audio resolution? If English isn’t their first language, maybe they used Google Translate. I don’t hear anything low-res though so maybe something else is meant.

Detail? Maybe?

Welcome to the jungle baby! I’ve been providing for Audiojungle for two years now and I still have no idea of the criteria they use to reject or aprove.


Haha! Thought so. I had a track hard rejected that sells bucket loads on another music library. I have no idea what they want. Maybe they have too many tracks? A few people on the forum this week have said they’ve been with Audio Jungle for years and have just started having tracks rejected for the first time. Maybe I’m too late to this party.
Many thanks for your time to reply. Good luck with your music. Rhvbarb.

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