Hard Rejected file - help me please!


hello, my tracks are not accepted and I cannot understand what is the reason, since the letter does not say, only a hard reject.
Help me understand what I am doing wrong.

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Im not at home but probably the mix is the problem, just listened around 0:30.

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Hi :slight_smile:

Your track was rejected for several reason.
I think your sound choice is not that okay, I mean by that it’s sound a bit outdated and not well chosen to have a perfect modern track especially since you want to have it with something “Sport etc”.

In term of composition I think some percussion or rhythmic element are not in time, the composition sound too robotic but i’s also linked with the thing I mention above.

There’s too much thing which are in conflit (both in term of composition but also mixing), composition is too messy and not enough commercial or catchy to let the customer stay focus on your track :slight_smile:

I suggest that you take a listen to other track here on the market so that you can compare your work to it and re-work with this idea to make it sound like some great seller here and to have like a guideline / referent track .

Final things is about emotion or speech. You have to see your work like a speech, you need to have a clear structure with variation, it could be some rhythm change, loop, or new stuff which is coming inside but things can’t be that repetitive, and you can also work on more shorter track! About emotion, the emotion have to be clear, simple, and accessible !

Don’t worry, things will come, but you need to work more on your skills, mix, composition, sound design.
Good luck in your quest and I hope this will help ! :slight_smile:


Hey volodyar,

Basically, what Osynthw said. The track lacks structure. And I’ll add that it’s over compressed.

Good luck with your next submission!

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Thank you guys for listening to my track, I really appreciate that you spent your time and answered me. Thanks, I will continue to work


The biggest issue I hear with this is that your mix has waaaaaaaay too much energy in the mid frequencies. I was able to significantly improve the balance of your mix by taking 9 dB out at 500 Hz. You gotta pay attention to the frequency balance or your tracks will never be accepted no matter how good the composition/arrangement is.

I would recommend to find a frequency analyzer (Voxengo SPAN is a free one) and compare your track to other similar tracks on the marketplace. If you do this you will quickly be able to tell what EQ adjustments are necessary to get your track in line with what is expected by the marketplace (and the reviewers).


received a tough refusal today, and again I don’t understand why ((

the bass line does not match the harmonies at all. be careful, music is just like language rules and you have to respect them unless your intention was to make twelve-tone music.

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I thought if I have a C chord for example, I can play the bass or C or E or G

it can work for the first bars but then you want to hear the fundamentals.