Tracks rejected, any comments or help will be appreciated!

Hi guys,

I’m starting in AudioJungle and the 2 tracks I uploaded have been rejected. I took into account the style of the best sellers here and I expected an approvation, but I was wrong! Both tracks just have been rejected without the possibility of submitting them again. Any comments on why could this happen or on how to improve the tracks will be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey @BlueBirdProductions,

Here is my opinion, also taking into consideration what i’ve learned from my past rejections on AJ …

your track “Corporate Upbeat Motivational” the guitar sounds too loud and sounds out of place at 0:30 and on, the toms are a little boomy. The “alien” synth sounds usually don’t work for corporate music here, and the other little clicking synth effect seems out of tune with the track as a whole. I like the intro, that could be elaborated on, but around 0:30 the track starts to sound out of place for the corporate category here. If you feel that it is necessary to use these tracks I would focus on the first 0:30 and make that into the entire song without being too repetitive of course.

For your song “Energetic Inspiring Corporate” the intro again sounds great! the guitar and drums sound fantastic. When the “chorus” hits around 0:30, the drums sound too loud, out of place, and the track looses its warmth and momentum. The synth sounds like it doesn’t match the song, sounds “cheap”, out of place. I think Less movement for both of these tracks in terms of chords and rhythm, I would rewrite the choruses or take the intros and find a way to make them into choruses.

Good luck hope this helps a little.


Thank you for the reply Skinny, much appreciated. I took note of every detail you pointed out. I think what you said “less movement for both of these tracks in terms of chords and rhythm” is a very good summary of what’s wrong with these tracks. I see I’ll have to make more uniform arrangements and mixes for this kind of corporate music.

Thanks again for helping! :slight_smile:

I think, that the main reason is mixing!

In both tracks instruments sound separately)
Try to add some room (reverb, delay), compression and EQ)

This is good ideas, and I think, that this tracks will be approved after good correction of mixing!:slight_smile:

I agree with @Infraction, with better mixing, you should get approval.

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@Infraction @RainyAudio thanks for the tips! (and sorry for a late reply ;P)
I’ll definitely try to add some more room and push the compression and EQ a little bit more in the next corporate tracks. I usually like to keep it quite dry in terms of reverb but it seems it’ll work better a little bit more space-y,